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We're a family owned and operated feeder insects business. We strive to provide only the best quality feeder dubias for your reptiles. We ensure this by breeding all roaches in our facility, meaning we don't import roaches for resale. Feed your critters with confidence! Get your feeders today from Djsdubia.com.

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There are lots of feeders available for reptiles. Dubia roaches are repeatedly thought of as the best option—and for good reason. In fact, Dubia roaches are strong contenders for many exotic pets, such as amphibians and arachnids.


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Why Are Dubia Roaches Good Feeders for Reptiles?

Nothing is perfect. But as far as feeder insects go, Dubia roaches sure come close! Here are some of the perks for your reptile:

Easy on the digestion. Because Dubia roaches have less chitin—a fibrous substance found in insects’ exoskeletons—than other feeders, they are easier to digest.


Full of nutrients

Dubia roaches are low in fat and high in protein and calcium, making them a nutritious feeder option. It’s notable that although Dubia roaches (like most feeders) contain less calcium than phosphorus, you can remedy that by gut loading them with calcium-rich veggies and greens, and by dusting them with a quality calcium powder



Easy to gut load

In the wild, Dubia roaches don’t have regular access to nutritious fruits and veggies. They eat just about anything they can find, including rotting plants. Their digestive system is built to make use of any nutrients they can locate, and they can consume up to three times their weight. This makes them ideal for gut loading with the nutrients your dragon needs.


They live a long time

Compared to other feeders, Dubias have a long lifespan. When they are well cared for (which doesn’t take much effort), they can live up to a year or even longer.









A size for every pet

Dubia roaches come in plenty of sizes—and they are edible at all stages of development—making it fairly easy to find an ideal size for your reptile.









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